In 1998, Edge Eyewear pioneered a new revolution to the world of personal protective equipment: Designer Quality Safety Eyewear!

Prior to that day, safety glasses were often reported as uncomfortable, void of lens technology, often noncompliant with safety standards, and with no style or beneficial design features. Seeing the need for change, Edge declared a mission to KEEP PEOPLE SAFE by designing protective eyewear people WANT to wear, thereby reducing eye injury through increased usage and protection. With Edge leading the way in high-tech safety and design, the safety eyewear industry is being transformed, and statistics have shown amazing gains in eyewear usage and reduced eye injuries!

Edge Eyewear became the first company to offer new technologies into the safety eyewear industry such as glare-reducing polarized lenses, eye-strain reducing G-15 lenses, the world’s first true permanent anti-fog Vapor Shield lenses, depth perception enhancing copper lenses, flexible nylon frames, adjustable noise pieces, and foam gasket sealed fit frames. Edge’s ground-breaking technologies have forever changed the safety eyewear industry, and they continue to push the limits with what is possible! 

Today, the safety eyewear revolution continues as Edge identifies new markets to serve.  Edge’s focus on eye protection, coupled with the ability to design unique, high-tech, fashion-forward eyewear, has fueled the opportunity to bring safety eyewear from the professional workplace into the sporting and recreational industries as well--from work to play-- where an unexpected 63% of eye injuries were occurring. Alarmed by the statistic, the team at Edge jumped at the challenge to bring eye safety to these new markets, and the results have been well worth the effort!

In 2011, Edge continued to expand and launched its ballistic-rated lenses for military and law enforcement use. Unlike competing tactical brands that got their start in sport and fashion, Edge is unique in that since 1998, its roots have been in safety-rated protective eyewear, proving a smart and logical transition into the tactical world.  The Edge Tactical division quickly spanned the global markets and has a strong focus on the research and development of new technologies to protect those that serve.

In addition to bringing designer protective eyewear to new markets, Edge recognized the need to educate the industry about the safety risks and standards and to help companies build eyewear safety programs.  Developing and offering workplace hazard assessment guides, fit testing, UV Protection guides, and other eye safety assessment tools is a part of Edge’s commitment to helping make job-site safety intuitive, easily accessible, and consistent!  Additionally, Edge’s team has dedicated countless hours, traveling nationally and overseas, to educate and provide training to over 800,000 professionals through a uniquely developed safety certification program. Investing time and resources in the current and upcoming workforce is important, and no one does it better than Edge!

The Edge mission is to protect eyesight across all industries by bridging the gap between safety and fashion, blending technology with design and comfort, and increasing eye safety awareness along the way. Edge is transforming how the world sees protective eyewear!  The Edge team and its carefully-selected business partners are world class in providing a premium brand experience, and we invite you to join Edge in its efforts to improve eyewear safety, protect sight, and empower eyewear choice through forward-thinking technologies and designs!


I'm stationed in Korea for the US Army. I was mountain biking at Yongpyong Ski Resort (location of 2018 Winter Olympics!). It was my first run down their more technical course, so I didn't know it. A big hump was at the bottom of a steep approach, followed by a rock garden. Needless to say, I didn't see the hump soon enough, hit it, landed with weight too forward, and went over the handlebars.  I landed face first into rocks. Edge Eyewear protected my eyesight, allowing me to continue my career as an Army aviator.

Tyson Jones

Thursday afternoon my husband and I were heading to Illinois on our Harley with our friends. When a truck pulled up and we sent them on, the guy got mad and road rage began. He pulled in front of us and slammed on his breaks causing all of us to scatter. Everyone went right while my husband and I had to go left the man then gunned his truck and turned into us causing us to flip I flew off and hit the truck with my face my husband flew in front of the truck and slid across the gravel. The the guy backed up and ran over me. After all of that, my edge safety sunglasses were not even cracked! The only thing wrong was a scratched up lens. I am super impressed with your glasses. I don’t know about my husbands we never saw them again. This is me yelling you I am a loyal customer!

Elaine Hamilton

I just wanted to say that I've owned the same pair of edge glasses for over a year now and they are literally the best glasses I've ever owned. I run a lawn care crew in my town and I've had many rocks and other materials fly towards my eyes at a very rapid rate from lawn mowers, weed trimmers and chain saws and the glasses stop them every time. I almost lost my eyesight in my left eye before I got the edge glasses due to a rock hitting me and poorly made "safety" glasses. I am attaching a photo of my edge glasses as they are now, beat up scratched up nose pieces have fallen off and most of the paint has come off, but yet they still remain very clear and very comfortable and I still wear them everyday, and now almost everyone In the company including my boss/owner wear edge glasses. I'd like to commend you guys on a very high quality and affordable pair of safety glasses.

Christopher Simmons [ Virginia, USA ]

I am on my second pair of Edge Khor's, the first pair lasted a year - which is outstanding considering the abuse I put them thru. Even that pair is good for a back-up, the rubber on the one side of the earpiece is worn off and the other is about there (I spend a lot of time outdoors and absolutely have to have sunglasses).  The Aqua Precision Blue Mirror (polarized)  are my go to's when on the boat, have yet to find anything better (including Oakley's) and lately I have been using the Copper Polarized - they are awesome for general  use and lots of sun but tend to block too much light in lower light conditions.  The best part other than the durability is the ability to change the lenses and the different polarized lenses that are available (I do have a pair of the G-15's, but between the Aqua and the Copper, they don't get much use.)  One thing that did surprise me was the durability of the lenses and the coatings - I spend a lot of time in the boat in some rough waters and get splashed regularly with lake water; thus, I am continually wiping them off and cleaning them and have had no issues with either.  I will be curious to see how the goggles hold up as I will be issuing them to our Security Forces guys to use while on ATV's - they tend to use things to their fullest potential (in other words are hard on stuff).  I have been using Edge Eyewear for the past 5 years and have been completely satisfied with them.  Thanks and have great rest of your day.

Tuma, Cory R SMSgt USAF 132 WG (US)

  I am a volunteer firefighter in Alberta, Canada. During one of our training sessions in vehicle extrication, we were cutting a door post with hydraulic shears. A piece of material came shooting out and hit my Khor glasses right in the middle of the lens. To say the least, it was a bit alarming. Considering the amount of impact, I thought the glasses would have been cracked. To my surprise, there wasn't even a scratch. Had I not been wearing your safety glasses, I definitely would have sustained injury to my eye. Thank you for designing a product with such a superior level of protection. The quality of your safety glasses is absolutely worth their weight in gold. Also, I have found that not only is the quality top notch, but the ability to change the lens color is very useful. I am able to wear the glasses in the dark, in blinding snowstorms, and everyday use in the sun. The convenience of changing the lens keeps me from having to carry around multiple pairs of safety glasses. To summarize, your product is comfortable, top quality, and very practical. These features alone make them a product I will always wear and most certainly recommend to everyone one I know, including my fellow members at the fire halls. I also own a health and safety training company and will make sure our clients will be informed of your product. Thank you again for your high standard of design on your products. Because of this I am able to see today. I will forever be grateful.

Roxanne M. [ Beiseker, Alberta ]