Vapor Shield "Military Grade" Anti-Fog

Vapor Shield lenses are “Military Grade” Anti-Fog that is completely resistant to haze, fog and condensation in the most extreme conditions and temperatures.

Lenses available in Vapor Shield:

Clear lens image
Tiger's Eye lens image
Tiger's Eye
G-15 Lens image
Copper lens image


In 1999, Edge Eyewear pioneered the world’s first polarized lens for safety glasses. This technology can be compared to horizontal blinds where slats create a filtering layer that blocks glare from above and reflected light from below, allowing only direct light rays to enter. This reduced glare is ideal for environments with bright sun, snow, water, or sand.

Lenses available in Polarized:

Smoke lens image
Copper lens image
Polarized example image
Without Polarized Filter
With Polarized Filter

Blue Light Filter

Blue light has short wavelengths, which cause the eye to focus too far in front of the retina. The result is a blue blur that can cause eyestrain, particularly while driving. Copper and Tiger's Eye colored lenses reduce blue light to give greater depth perception and brighter, defined surroundings. Edge Eyewear introduced the first ever Blue Light Filter lens for safety glasses.

Lenses available in Blue Light Filter:

Tiger's Eye lens image
Tiger's Eye
Copper lens image
Blue Light Filter example image
Without Blue Light Filter
With Blue Light Filter


Edge Eyewear is the first company ever to offer a safety-rated G-15 lens. The U.S. Air Force engineered this technology for use in aviator lenses in the 1930s for maximum transmission of green and yellow light (the spectrum best perceived by the human eye) for true to life color perception. The result is reduced strain and a noticeable cooling sensation on the eyes.

G-15 Lens image
G-15 example image
Without G-15
With G-15

Thin Temple Technology

Thin Temple technology provides comfort and functionality when worn with a helmet or ear protection and keeps a sealed fit with noise reduction headsets. All Edge Tactical frames are built with this thin-temple technology.

thin temple image

Designed for comfortable performance with helmets and ear protection

Anti-Scratch Protective Coating

All lenses are triple-coated with a scratch-resistant finish to ensure longevity.

XL Wide Fit

Safey and comfort should never be compromised by ill-fitting eyewear. To accomodate the diversity of head shapes and sizes, the Wide Fit frame has an additional 22mm of width at the temple.

Frames available in XL Wide Fit:

Sealed Gaskets

When working in environments with high levels of airborne debris, dust or wind, this technology creates a seal that keeps foreign particles away from the eyes.

Frames available with Gaskets: